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industrial day 3

9 May 2013
organisers: design factory, Department of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument Restoration, Faculty of Architecture STU

Traditional event promises again an interesting content which consists of presentations, lectures and also tour of industrial monuments in Bratislava. The event has risen from the need to discuss current affairs regarding to revitalization of industrial heritage in Slovakia. Not only Bratislava has become the venue of drastic interference to original urban fabric that was considered to their "own" to many residents who believed that that these unique premises can be renewed and reused. At the same time, there are a few objects in Slovakia with a new function such as design factory or Refinery Gallery in Bratislava, Kasárne Kulturpark in Košice or Tatranská galéria in Poprad.

The aim is to present concrete examples of conversion of industrial architecture in Slovakia and abroad and to promote the ways of restoration of original industrial city zones that are perfect for organizing of urban cultural festivals, open air theater performances, sports events, etc.

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