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cocoa with music - string and bow

24 March 2013
interactive concert for children
organisers: design factory, Convergence -  society for chamber arts

The story of a bow and a string. About their creation, and how they met and became friends. About the weird thing happening around them, how they first started to hear noises and tones, or sometimes even wheezes and squeeks. You will learn about all their adventures, and what are they capable of creating together.

The concert will be led by the artistic director of festival Convergence Jozef Lupták, with cooperation with other exceptional musicians.

Cocoa with music is a series of concerts for children, organised in cooperation with festival Convergence and various excellent musicians. This will be its 1st edition. Each concert has its original topic that playfully introduces a variety of musical genres, instruments and musical elements to children and their parents. We would like to encourage children's interest in music and offer inspiration to parents how to motivate children to love music. Concerts are designed for children from 3 years, but anyone else who likes music is welcome.

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