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contemporary czech industrial

17 October - 4 November 2012
Czech touring exhibition
organisers: design factory, Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Czech centrum in Bratislava

The exhibition Contemporary Czech Industrial with the subtitle "Forms of contemporary industrial architecture" provides an insight into architecture of industrial buildings in Czech Republic over the last 20 years. The curators Petr Volf and Dan Merta have chosen for the touring exhibition 39 works in Czech Republic affecting a far wider range of typology and functional use as distribution centers or manufacturing facilities. The exhibition presents architectural works such as winery, brewery, bakery, printing factory or even hydroelectric power station. The authors are leading Czech architects and studios as D3A, OK Plan, Dam, Kamil Mrva, Ján Jehlík alebo Ivan Kroupa.

The exhibition was supported by Ministry of Culture SR. The exhibition is open Mo-Tu 10am-6pm and Sa-Su 1pm-6pm.

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