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contemporary norwegian architecture 2005 - 2010

8 - 25 November 2012
exhibition of Norwegian architecture 2005-2010
organisers: design factory, Royal Embassy of Norway in Bratislava

Contemporary Norwegian Architecture #7 is the latest in a succession of reviews produced by the Norwegian National museum of Art, Architecture and Design. The aim of this exhibition is to present a selection of the best work of Norwegian architects completed in years 2005-2010 in Norway and abroad. Norwegian architecture is characterized by a strong relationship with nature. Architects often use simple, localy available materials and clear shapes. Norwegian buildings honor environment in which they are located. A strong feature is also the emphasis on ecology and sustainability.

The exhibition is divided into 10 thematic sections and presents a wide selection of projects range from small roadside lay-byes, vistas and private homes to complex private and state construction assignments such as award-winning Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo. The exhibition opening takes place on November 8th.

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