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conversion of industrial heritage of germany

9 - 27 November 2011
exhibition and site events
organisers: Association of the State Offices for the Protection of Historic Monuments in Germany, design factory in cooperation with Faculty of architecture STU
sponsors: Goethe Institute Bratislava, Západoslovenská energetika, 

Factories, railway stations, warehouses, lighthouses or dams before; modern universities, cultural centers, theaters, hotels, residential and office spaces today. The exhibition "Conversion of industrial heritage of Germany" shows 34 examples of succesful coversions of industrial heritage which live a new life today. It also presents projects of conversion of industrial heritage in Slovakia.

The exhibition is accompanied by site activities: lecture led by author of the exhibition, discussion between representatives of architects, conservationists and investors on the topic "Industrial heritage and its use at present", presentation of the book "Traces of industrial heritage in Slovakia", industrial book shop from Artbooks, excursion to Bratislava's three industrial buildings and colloquium on the topic "Industrial heritage in Slovakia over the past 5 years".

sk‹ Press release Conversion of industrial heritage of Germany
sk‹ Poster Conversion of industrial heritage of Germany
sk‹ Bratislava's thread factory 1902-1998