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piemonte industria

21 June - 10 July 2011
100 years of Italian industry in photography - exhibition
organisers: Regione Piemonte,  Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, design factory

The exhibition of over 100 photographs captures the history and development of industry of Piedmont region, one of the most important industrial regions of Italy. The exposure offers a chronological look into the archives of well-known enterprises such as FIAT, Lavazza, Martini&Rossi, Olivetti, RAI, Telecom Italia, Pininfarina, Alessi, De Agostini and many others.

You will see the original images since 1897 to present photographs of the curator Niccol├│ Biddau. The exhibition offers a view to the industry, work of man and his environment and also a cross-section to the history of photography.

The event is a part of the festival Dolce Vitaj.