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e.on jazz night

3 June 2011
organiser: design factory
partner: Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., member of the E.ON group

Hot jazzy night in design factory!

The 3rd edition of E.ON Jazz Night took place in design factory on Friday June the 3rd 2011, and offered to all jazz lovers a blend of nu-jazz, groove, bossanova and breakbeats. The evening started with DJ C.O.D.E. from 7 pm.  The concert part was opened by stunning Czech beat boxer Ondřej Havlík aka En.dru with funky-jazz pianist Jiří Vidasov. After them we welcomed on the stage a dynamic trio Yvonne Sanchez, Pedro Tagliani and Luis Ribeiro. The headliner of the night was outstanding Italian jazz-bossanova Nicola Conte with an exclusive 7-membered ensemble. Concerts were followed by entertainment rendered by DJane Lady Smiles which lasted until early morning. Everybody who stayed until morning got breakfast for free – hot coffee and croissants!

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