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pechakucha inspire japan

16 April 2011
global benefit event 
organisers: non-profit organization PUNKT in cooperation with design factory

On March 11th, earthquake and tsunami in Japan destroyed 400km of coastline, killing over 10,000 people, leaving 400,000 people homeless, and has triggered a nuclear situation that is still unfolding. On April 16, many of the 400 PechaKucha cities around the world will come together and hold events, broadcasting out to the world and Japan over multipule Ustreams. Proceeds from the event will go directly to Architecture for Humanity (AFH) and will be used solely to build buildings. Non-profit organization PUNKT organizes on this occasion a special PechaKucha night in a family atmosphere which will be held on April 16th in design factory. Beginning is at 8.20 pm, entrance fee is 5 Eur. Guests are: Samuel Alexander, András Cséfalvay, Palo Čejka, Bety K. Majerníková, Naomi Morishita (CA), Takeru Shibayama (JP), Dorota Nvotová, Michal Sládek a Erik Šille.

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