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julo nagy

9 - 26 September 2010
organiser: design factory

Julo Nagy (1965) presents a selection of his artwork completed between 1982-2010. Among the approximately 80 exhibited pieces are numerous works of graphic design (visual identity of the Artforum bookshop, work for companies such as ESET, Zlatý Bažant, Chemolak etc., book covers, packaging, posters, logotypes), photos shown at separate exhibitions but also as yet undisplayed ”comments” somewhere between design and free style work, PC graphics and intimate drawings. Julo Nagy, who led the Studio of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design for seven years, is not unknown to the artistic community. However, the unknown ”thirteenth chamber” of his art work will come as a surprise to many. His small retrospective does not emphasise the unity of author concept, on the contrary: a tension in approaches and media yields authentic results of artistic search.

The exhibition is accompanying event of Convergence - festival of chamber music.

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