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photography auction - special/spatial emotion

25 November 2009
photography auction of great Slovak photographers
exhibition: 21 - 25 November 2009
organisers: Central European House of Photography, design factory
curator: Václav Macek

After two years tradition of photographic auctions which have begun in 90's in Slovakia returns back to Bratislava. Selection was focused on contemporary authors who create artworks not only for collections but also for interiors, so that people can notice them and experience daily. The auction offered artworks from a limited editions of 25 authors such as Peter Župník, Ľubo Špirko, Karol Kállay, Milota Havránková, Dorota Sadovská, Vladimír Židlický, Dano Brogyányi and others.

"We would like to make that the artworks end up on the walls of dwellings and institutions and do not serve only as a new acquisition in extensive collector's program. Pictures are originals for us, we treat them like that in our exhibition and publishing work, we want to achieve that Slovak audience would have the same view." Václav Macek

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