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branislav kropilák - futuristic images of trivial objects

6 - 18 November 2009
exhibition within the 19th Month of Photography festival
organisers: Central European House of Photography, design factory

Photographs of Branislav Kropilak, young Slovak artist, are inspired by industrial design, architecture and urbanism. He pictures usually dynamic objects in their still moments, in their clearest forms with strict geometry, undisturbed by the human presence. The exhibition in design factory will present his works from the series of trains, factories and garages. The experience will be enhanced thanks to their large, bill-board-like printing.

The exhibition is a part of the renowned international festival Month of Photography which takes place for the 19th time. This year's leitmotif is naturally the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism in the former Soviet block. From 2 to 30 November the festival will offer numerous collective and individual exhibitions, workshops and seminars in Bratislava.

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