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23 May - 2 June 2009
organisers: design factory, Royal Dutch Embassy in Slovakia, Yksi Expo

The exhibition re:Cycle is a part of the re:Made in Holland festival, which presents the Netherlands and its cultur during the 3rd week of May in Bratislava.

The Dutch are born on bikes, it is said - well, the country with 16 million inhabitants claims to have 18 million bikes. This exhibition is paying tribute to this Dutch phenomenon in various forms.

It is composed of three parts: 1. Bicycle - shows 10 stylish bicycles made by dutch designers, such as Sandwich Bike, Beixo Slim or SQRL - urban skate bike without handles, 2. Bicycle Phantasy produced by Yksi Expo offers surprising objects design and manufactured from used bicycle parts - bags, lamps, jewelry, etc. and 3. Slovak Bicycle Design presents the Slovak production in the field of bicycle design.

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