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contemporary slovene architecture

6 - 22 March 2009
organisers: Dessa Galerija Ljubljana, design factory, Slovenian Embassy in Slovak republic

Slovenia is considered as a country of unlimited opportunities for young architects. Slovenia is in many ways similar to Slovakia - in relatively short period of time both went through radical evolution - from transformation of political regime and becoming independent to entry into the EU and introduction of Euro currency. Such development has influenced also architecture in both countries. On one hand Slovenian architects were facing new challenges, new capital, preference of profit over quality and access to the latest technology and materials on the other hand.

Contemporary Slovenian architecture is very diverse also due to such evolution. A common feature of creation is clearly an effort to create of a single unit with the existing environment and skill in using of materials and details.

Representative exhibition Slovenian contemporary architecture represents 30 projects of present production since 1999. Selection has been compiled by Andrej Hrauský, director of DESSA Gallery in Ljubljana, famous critic and publicist, for the National Week of Architecture in Ljubljana in June 2008. We find there internationally known architects such as Ofis architects, Bevk Perović arhitekti or Sadar & Vuga arhitekti who collected many international awards in recent years.

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