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elektrárňa piešťany

5 - 10 February 2009
New use of the city power-plant in Piešťany

On 30th September 2008, Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. together with the Faculty of Architecure of STU and design factory have announced student architectural competition ”Elektrárňa Piešťany”. Its objective was to create a proposal for the new use of the city power-plant building and its surroundings in Piešťany, a cultural heritage dating to 1906. The aim of the building owner and future investor is to create a place for children and youth to experience interactive learning about energy cycle in the nature and in human lives.

13 architecture teams have submitted their proposals (altogether 24 students). The 1st prize was awarded to the duo Michal Ganobjak and Vladimír Hain. Mária Flórová was on the 2nd and the team Tomáš Hubinský, Filip Krump and Ján Legény was on the 3rd place. A special prize was given to the proposal by Simona Krčmáreková and Lukáš Klokner.

The exhibition ”Elektrárňa Piešťany” presents all competitive proposals through models, panels and video presentation made by the authors. It also introduces the history and present of this beautiful power-plant.

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