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café portugal

6 - 21 September 2008, daily 10.00 - 17.00
exhibition of contemporary Portuguese Art on the occasion of the state visit of the President of Portugal
organisers: design factory, Embassy of Portugal

”Café Portugal” is based on the idea that cafés have always been centres of national identity forming and places of democracy. Curator Filipa Oliveira has composed it especially for Bratislava. Her aim was to express what ”being a Portuguese” means nowadays and thus inspire Slovaks to think deeper about their own identity.

”I want the exhibition to be a combination of different generations, of artists that may even not relate to each other’s works, or that would have never imagined their works being exhibited together – but the confrontation between their works makes sense to me.” says the curator in an interview in the catalogue. This resulted into a choice of 21 contemporary authors that develop the concept of national identity in their works.

This extensive exhibition comprises paintings, plastics, video art, photographs – altogether almost 30 works. It is complemented with a lot of useful resources in a reading room.

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