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contemporary norwegian architecture 2000-2005

7 - 23 September 2007
exhibition of contemporary Norwegian architecture
organisers: design factory, Royal Embassy of Norway

The exhibition was created by the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the sixth exhibition reviewing Norwegian architecture since 1978.

Trough panels, models and projections, the exhibition shows 50 highlights of Norwegian contemporary architecture completed in 2000-2005 and mirrors the original approaches of Norwegian architects to their works so often influenced by their strong relationship to nature. A jury of experts in the field has selected projects ranging from interiors to large-scale elaborate complexes, such as the library Bibliotheca Alexandrina by Snohetta atelier. Thematically, the exhibition is divided in 5 sections: Transformation, Form and function, Symbol and identity, Materials and construction, Contrast and proximity.

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