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28 September - 14 October 2007
exhibition of Portuguese architecture Habitar Portugal 2003/2005 and selection of Portuguese design
organisers: design factory, Embassy of Portugal

The exhibition ”Habitar Portugal 2003/2005” was prepared by the Portuguese Order of Architects in 2006 and presented at The Venice Biennale's 10th International Architecture Exhibition. An original installation presents 18 projects from 2003 to 2005. A complex catalogue that is a part of this exhibition presents 79 works by Portuguese architects including collective residential buildings, family housing, public constructions, shopping centers and urbanistic solutions from six Portuguese regions - North, Oporto, Azores and Madeira, Centre, Lisbon, South.

The Exhibition ”Design Português” was created especially for this exhibition. The design collection is a sample of today's Portuguese production covering different areas as lighting, ceramics, textile and furniture.

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