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29 March - 15 April 2007
exhibition of the Danish architectural laboratory B.I.G - Bjarke Ingles Group
organisers: design factory, B.I.G - Bjarke Ingles Group, Royal Embassy of Denmark

The exhibition is a core sample of B.I.G.'s most recent investigations where architecture meets urbanity and scale melds into program.Added values of B.I.G. projects are assignment and unique design experiments, on which space and investor limits are acting directly. The B.I.G. team of almost 80 members - architects, designers, planners and specialists enables the studio to work on a huge amount of different projects.

The conceptual base of this exhibition comes from the ideological program of the studio. The only light source comes from the models themselves. The viewer's eyes slowly adapt to the glow of twenty models depicting 18 of B.I.G. visions for the future.

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